Platinum Finance

Genesis Pool (Ended)

Wen launch?

Launch date & time: Monday, 7 Feb 2022 17:00:00 UTC (last 24 hours)
Total number of PLAT will be minted in Genesis Pools: 20,000 PLAT
Tokens for staking in Genesis Pools: WFTM & USDC (subject to 1% Deposit Fee)
Pool Weightage: 70% WFTM | 30% USDC

How does it work?

Investors can now deposit, stake their tokens and earn FREE PLAT rewards in our Genesis Pools!
Do not worry, the staked tokens and rewards can be withdrawn at any time even when the genesis pools are over. Users may withdraw them directly from our website or by interacting directly with the contract on
Here is a little guide on how to deposit and stake your token in genesis pool:
Our Genesis Pools enable you to earn FREE PLAT by depositing your tokens in the pools.
1. Go to Farm page in our website
2. Click on "View" to choose the pool where you want to deposit your tokens (WFTM/USDC)
3. Click on "Approve"
4. Click on "+"
5. Press "max"
6. Click on "confirm" to deposit and stake
7. Refresh the page to check if the tokens have been deposited and staked.
*Note: As mentioned above, there is 1% Deposit Fee charged for staking the tokens in Genesis Pools. All transactions require an approval first before the protocol is allowed to use your tokens! After the approval transaction is processed, a “+” button should appear. Should it not appear on its own, refresh the page and it should be present. Click the “+” button and you are now able to deposit your token, et voila!
Once the genesis pools are over, we will be launching Farm pools where users can deposit theirs LP tokens and farm earned PLAT rewards with high APR %!
Please refer to How to EARN SPLATand follow the instruction.