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About us

Welcome to Platinum Finance!


Our team consists of 5 core members. The core members rolls are defined as one full-time developer, a day-to-day operations specialist, a marketing specialist, a logistics specialist, and a professional finance guru. Our unique backgrounds provide the perfect blend for success. Our team is located in 4 different countries all around the world.


Our team has been in the crypto space since 2015. Since the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, our team has been huge believers in the space. We have quite a bit of experience among our core team members. The unique yield farming experience is what drove us to launch a tomb fork as we quickly realized the growth and capabilities of the Fantom network. We are a team of normal people so we realize how frustrating bots can be. With that being said, Platinum Finance will offer a Genesis Farming to kick off the beginning of the project.


We all hate rug pull and scams. It is the worst part of DeFi crypto. In order to let our investors know their funds are safe, we are excited to announce that we have implemented KYC via AssureDefi. We are committed to the safety & security of our investors and we believe this to be a hugely positive step for the community & Platinum Finance.
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