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How to bridge GEM | SGEM

Bridge GEM | SGEM between Fantom, Avalanche and BSC
We are excited to announce that Diamond has partnered up with the BIGGEST bridging protocol in DeFi - Multichain (previously called Anyswap) which helps transfer GEM | SGEM token between 3 Networks.
Before bridging, you need to have GEM | SGEM on the Network from where you want the token to be transferred. If you do not have GEM | SGEM, please refer to How to BUY for more detailed information & solution.


  1. 2.
    Select the Network where you have your GEM | SGEM
  2. 3.
    Find GEM | SGEM in the list of “From”
  3. 4.
    Add the amount of GEM | SGEM you want to bridge
  4. 5.
    Choose the Destination Network: Fantom Mainnet, Avalanche Mainnet or BNB Chain Mainnet in the “To” field
  5. 6.
    Click on "Approve"
  6. 7.
    Click on "Swap"
  7. 8.
    Done! You will see the progress of moving your GEM | SGEM to the Destination Network
When the transfer is done, you can switch to the Destination Network and your GEM | SGEM will be in your wallet waiting for you there.
If you can’t see GEM | SGEM in the wallet, you might need to add the token contract address manually in your wallet.
Please refer to How to IMPORT token to Metamask for more detailed information and solution.